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If high quality is a top priority for your projects, then resistors from SPOHN+BURKHARDT are the right solution for you. A 20-year service life is not unusual for our top-quality products. Our resistors are wear-free and if need be the individual components can be easily replaced. However, we can offer you more than just the quality of our products. Our service offering includes comprehensive consulting to support you with the implementation of your projects. If it turns out that our standard products do not meet your particular requirements, we will be happy to manufacture individual resistors that are precisely tailored to your special needs.

Versatile products for your resistors
At SPOHN+BURKHARDT we offer many different resistors. Thus it is possible to implement a variety of projects. For example, we recommend wire wound resistors for lower power ratings or high ohmic values. The wire we use for the windings is a high-quality chrome-nickel wire that offers outstanding overload capacity. The resistor posts are located in a robust frame. If necessary we also deliver resistor posts individually as spare parts. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel. The cover can be partially removed or completely removed for commissioning. Normally these resistors are internally cooled. However, for higher power ratings it is also possible to integrate forced ventilation.

Steel grid resistors are always an outstanding solution when high power ratings occur. Our steel grid resistors are made of high-quality stainless steel alloys that have exceptional overload capacity. The high overload capacity is a precise indication of the quality of our products. Many manufacturers use lower-cost alloys for the steel grid, consequently the overload capacity is also significantly lower. Additional stand-out characteristics of our steel grid resistors are high heat dissipation and temperature resistance up to 1000°C. We also offer resistors with low power ratings. These resistors are suitable for all tasks where lower power losses are needed. For such applications we recommend the SBC series, the SBG series, and the SBO series.

Finally, you have the option of commissioning us to make individual resistors. For example, we can adapt the products to confined space conditions, or we can position the fastening possibilities where they are needed to implement your project.

Top quality for your projects
When you buy a resistor from SPOHN+BURKHARDT, you are getting a product with outstanding quality. As the operator of an industrial plant or as manufacturer of finished goods, you benefit from a long service life and outstanding resistance. One of the essential prerequisites for the high quality of our products is use high-grade raw materials. In particular, we use high-quality chrome-nickel wire for our wire wound resistors, and stainless steel of the highest quality for our wire grid resistors. In addition to high-quality materials, our products are also characterized by intelligent design. You can easily and cost-effectively replace damaged component parts. Our design enables easy repair.

Call us at +49 73 44 171-0. We can advise you on our standard versions and individual solutions. We also guarantee short delivery times for our devices thank to our modular design system and our worldwide dealer network.



• Made in Germany
• Decades of experience in resistor construction
• Top quality and a long service life
• Fast delivery times thanks to modular design 
• Standard resistors for industrial applications 
• Rustproof stainless steel versions 
• Various paint finishes and powder coatings 
• Specialized in custom solutions tailored to meet customer requirements
• High availability thanks to a worldwide dealer and service network



Tradition and competence
The company was founded in 1920 in Blaubeuren (Germany) by Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt. Today, it is still 100 percent family-owned. At two locations, we currently produce a wide range of joysticks, operator control units, and resistors in widely recognized top quality.

With skilled engineering and decades of experience, we work with you to solve your problems and assist you from start to finish. This is our strength and the basis of our success. As a medium-sized Swabian company, our size gives us the unbeatable ability to react quickly and flexibly. 

Whenever technology moves in the world's markets, Spohn & Burkhardt is usually the trigger.


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