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For small to medium outputs: wirewound resistors

Wire-wound resistors are often used for lower powers or high ohmic values. The winding consists of a chrome-nickel wire, which has a high overload capacity.

The resistance columns are built into a stable frame and can be supplied individually as spare parts.

The housings are available in stainless steel. The front cover can be completely or partially removed for commissioning. An additional thermal contact can be installed on request, which switches in the event of overload.

Wire-wound resistors are preferably supplied in a self-ventilated version; forced ventilation by means of a corresponding fan is possible for higher outputs.

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    SBC60 - encapsulated resistor

    SBC60 encapsulated resistorThis resistor series covers the power range from 60 W to 5000 W and is suitable for use as a braking or power resistor ...

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